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The Life of a Watermelon

The Life of a Watermelon Emergent Reader, Vocabulary Match and Sequencing Sheets

A watermelon shape book!  This book was created to go along with my Watermelon unit, Wild About Watermelons.  Great for the End of the Year or Summer.  You can find many of those activities here.  Students carefully cut out the pages of the book, assemble them in order and then staple them on the left hand side.   Front and back covers can even be copied onto green construction paper.   Discuss or have students research the appropriate colors to color pictures in the book.   When completed, students will have a watermelon shaped emergent reader that will help them to understand the life cycle of a watermelon … with a little twist at the end. 😉

The book is created in a half page format to conserve paper with expanded spacing between words.  A sight word and vocabulary list is provided within the book for additional practice.  Vocabulary words are supported by picture cues.

A Vocabulary Match and Life of a Watermelon sequencing sheet are also included to provide opportunities for students to apply the knowledge that they’ve acquired.  These sheets come with both Easy and Advanced directions to better accommodate individual learners.



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