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90 yr old dad

photo: J Ramsey

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  My dad is 90 yrs old.  This month, within one week, he was the victim of not one, but two armed robberies.  It’s only been a little over a year since he lost his wife of 40 years.  That’s a tremendous ordeal for one person to handle in a lifetime, much less that short span of time.  So I’m feeling extremely blessed to be able to spend Father’s Day tomorrow with my dad  … a man who’s as tough as nails, but would go out of his way to help you whether you wanted it or not.  A man who is solid in his opinion and stands firmly behind it.  A man who, still at the age of 90, does not know the meaning of the word “rest” and is one of the hardest working men I know.  (My husband is the other one.)  A man who spent most of his life as a business owner and leader in the community.  A man who helped to raise five successful, productive children.  A man whom I will always love simply because he is my dad.  A man that I’ve always known is there should I need him.  And to me, that means a lot.  A whole lot.

Tomorrow we go to celebrate with my Dad.

It will be more than just another day.

It will truly be a blessing and a celebration of life.

Father's Day Card

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