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Teachers, Join the Email List and Get the Revised Back to School Pack FREE!

FREE Teacher's Back to School Pack l 32 pages of forms to help you manage and organize your classroom!

Hello, Teachers!

Would you like to get the Revised Back to School Pack FREE?  That’s 32 pages of forms that will be useful in helping you manage your classroom and stay organized!

Well, if you want to get your hands on that FREE  Back to School Pack, all you have to do is join my email list here (Every Day is the Weekend!).  And not only will you get a bundle of FREE goodies but also notifications for random Follower Freebies … which I try to put out monthly.  They are available for a very limited time … so get them while they’re hot!

Many of these Follower Freebies are introductory, or parts of items, that will later be available for purchase at my TpT Store.

Here’s what you get in the Revised Teacher’s School Pack:

*The Important Stuff (revised page for emergency binders & easy access)
* Student Birthdays
* Getting the Kids Home (walkers/pick up/bus & #s)
* Things To Do!
* Parent Contacts (2 versions: class & individual student)
* Conference Reminder (2 versions)
* Note From the Teacher (2 versions)
* Thank You Note (color & black/white)
* Calendar pages (for binder Aug – July)
* Boys, Girls, Nurse, Office Hall Pass
* Open House Sign In
* 1 inch Binder label
* 1.5 inch Binder label
* Behavior Documentation (2 versions with antecedent, behavior, consequences)
* Boys/Girls List
* Username/Password list
* Schedule

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And last, you will also receive notifications of my other blog posts, because hey, even though it may seem that way, SCHOOL is not all there is!  So don’t forget about the other fun stuff, too!

*The Back to School Pack can also be purchased here.
So grab this while you can … you never know when I’ll change my mind! 😀





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